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Many thanks for your interest in stocking our brands.

Babymel is a high end baby bag brand which is available to bricks and mortar stores with or without an online shop.

We add to our regular collection twice a year SS (February) and AW (August), this may be in the form of new styles and/or new colours and prints to current bags. All orders are placed by the retailer direct to once your account is set up.

In Australia we accept minimum orders of $1000 to avoid a shipping fee. We do not offer a drop shipping option. First orders are placed on a pro-forma basis until a secure credit history is established.

In New Zealand shipping for orders under $1000 the client has to pay 100%. Shipping for orders over $1000 Incy-n pays 50% and the client pays 50%.

We do not allow our brands to be sold through eBay/Amazon in anyway as we like to retain a degree of exclusivity. We are happy to offer advice on best sellers and we offer a fantastic customer service support.  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone + 61 2 8347 0094  

The Babymel Team

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